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The Company

Our Mission

We strive to make your business work for you! Aside from designing remarkable websites, Coastal IT Solutions delivers the highest quality support for any of your technical needs. Our emphasis, is to provide our clients with an exceptional experience, which in turn, provides your clients with an exceptional experience. The success of your company, relies on high-tech assistance and available, professional service.

Our Strategy

At Coastal IT Solutions, we understand the importance of your company’s reputation. We believe technical support and management are essential in this internet driven world! The presence of a website, portrays service to your industry and an irreplaceable impact on your potential clientele. Your determination and effort to build your company should be displayed through an empowering website!

To produce empowering results, innovation, is the norm at Costal IT solutions. Each project we undertake is a new opportunity to customize a unique, interactive design for your company. Our experts are required to create a marvelous user experience, simple enough for you to manage and operate.

Our team

We believe that there is power in integrity, creativity, and character. Coastal IT Solutions is represented by a handful of delicately selected employees. It is important for us to reach beyond the comfort zone in order to maximize the benefits for your business. Based out of West Palm Beach, Fl, our team is continuously reinventing our skills as the ever-changing internet morphs around us. You can rely on Coastal IT Solutions to ensure your company seamlessly changes with technology.

“Don’t measure your life by goals, rather by what you are doing to achieve them”- Steven Henn


Coastal IT Support is based in West Palm Beach,